Edge 2 Edge Roofing

Booth: 1115
5895 Shiloh Rd.
Suite 106
Alpharetta, GA 30005
We have over 30 years worth of experience in the industry. But apart from those years of experience, what makes Edge2Edge Roofing stand out is the fact that, more than anything else, we are driven by our passion to uphold a legacy, and we’re continuously on a mission to create an even bigger impact on the communities we are part of. Even before having met at GAF back in 2010, both our founders, Brendon Lipton and Brent Maddux, already had decades’ worth of extensive expertise in the roofing business , with both having received prestigious recognitions such as the Raise the Roof Award and President’s Club Award. Each of them possesses a great wealth of industry knowledge, and has the same goal of wanting to provide affordable topnotch roofing in Suwanee GA, Frisco TX, Orlando FL and nearby cities. Our founders maintain a professional and highly trained team which is truly a wonderful gift to property owners in the communities we serve.