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Southern Spa Outlet

Southern Spa Outlet
10714B Franklin Road
Murfreesboro TN
Booth: 1242


Company Description:

We have always been a customer-oriented company that will only sell quality products that are backed by a substantial warranty. Our hot tubs, spas, filters, and WARRANTY are the best in the field.
Did you know that up to 70% of your heat is lost through your soft cover. Break the cycle of insanity and buy an Eco Spa, the original hard cover spa.
With a hard cover Eco Spa, you’ll never have to buy a flimsy, styrofoam hot tub cover again!
Eco Spa Hard Covers are built to last and they are 25% more efficient than other hot tub covers.
Rest assured that you will NEVER again replace your hot tub cover. With the Eco Spa Hard Cover LIFETIME warranty this cover holds up to 350lbs and withstands the frigid cold climate and snow loads of the Rocky Mountains as well as the blistering sun of the California coast. This spa will never fade or wear, and will always look as beautiful as the day you buy it!

Product Images:

SEATING: 3-4<br />SIZE 77”L X 60” W X 33”H<br />GALLONS: 230<br />WEIGHT: 470 LBS.<br />JETS: 23
SEATING: 2-4<br />SIZE: 72”L X 60” W X 30”H<br />GALLONS: 210<br />WEIGHT: 360 LBS.<br />JETS: 12
SEATING: 2<br />SIZE: 76”L X 46”W X 33”H<br />GALLONS: 190<br />WEIGHT: 350 LBS.<br />JETS: 21
SEATING: 4<br />SIZE: 77”L X 60” W X 33”H<br />GALLONS: 280<br />WEIGHT: 475 LBS.<br />JETS: 21
SEATING: 2<br />SIZE: 77”L X 60” W X 33”H<br />GALLONS: 280<br />WEIGHT: 475 LBS.<br />CLEAN - JETS: 21


Five Year Exhibitor
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