Dave Baker: Fix-it Guru

You hear him every Saturday morning dispensing home fix-it advice and sharing stories about projects gone awry.  Dave Baker’s home improvement expertise has earned him a weekly program on News 95.5 AM 750 WSB and thousands of loyal fans.  And, while he and his panel of trusted experts offer advice via the radio show and e-mail newsletter on a variety of subjects, there is one topic Dave returns to on a regular basis:

Dave Baker


What Every Homeowner Should Know

1)  Know how to shut off your water.  There’s a shut-off valve at your home as well as at the street.  Find them and learn how to shut them off.  This can save you a multitude of problems if you have a water issue. 

2)  Know where the shut-off switch is for your heating and air conditioning system.  It usually looks like a regular light switch.  If you have a fire and have time to get to it safely, turn the HVAC off.

3)  Know where the main breaker is for your home’s electricity.  It could be in the circuit box or located outside.  Older boxes may require turning off each breaker individually.  Know where your electric panel is and how it works.

4)  Know that you have working smoke detectors in every sleeping room, plus hallways and gathering rooms.  Dave recommends installing smoke detectors in mechanical rooms, too.  If yours are not hardwired into the home’s electrical system, change the batteries when you change your clocks to go on and off Daylight Savings Time.

5)  Know how to get out of your home in case of a fire.  Locate the nearest doors and windows from each bedroom and store rope ladders where needed.  Make a family plan and identify a location outside where everyone will meet once you have exited the home.


Sep 27, 2019, 22:47 PM